• Weeknote 562

    August 29th to September 4th

    Again, I only have a fuzzy idea about what the others did, because I was focused entirely on Puichon for the first half of the week. So was David, that I know.

    On Thursday morning we opened our studio to kick-off the 040x040 event. 40 people from Sweden and Hamburg came by to hear some talks and exchange ideas.

    Michael infected the Swedes with the Product Field virus, while Florie talked about doing design research on a budget.

    In the days prior, Maja took care of all the printed matter for that event and Aisha organised everything to make our guests feel welcome.

    Christophe and I attended the whole two-day trip which took us to JimDo, 25 hours hotel, Pilot, Apartimentum and the St. Pauli Stadium. In between we’ve been on bikes, barges and boats. Like you are supposed to in Hamburg.

    It was a pleasure to hang out with all these people. I’m looking forward to the rematch in Malmö.

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  • Weeknote 561

    August 22nd to 29th

    To be honest, I don’t know much of what happened around me this week, so this note is probably very self-centered.

    Directly upon my return from Malmö, I dived into a project that was mainly done during my absence. Florie, who also just returned from her holidays, and I had to give a presentation on Wednesday. On Monday morning it was all too much… I didn’t see ourselves explaining our work with all the confidence and conviction necessary. But after two long days of hard work in Keynote and in my mind, we had something I was comfortable with. I felt really good talking about what we did. The presentation went fine, but there was no time to rest: for the remainder of the week I joined David and Sean for Puichon.

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  • Weeknote 559

    August 8th to 14th

    Another design sprint. 9 guests spent the week at our studio to understand, ideate, decide, prototype and evaluate ideas. It was the first sprint for me, so I was happy to have Michael by my side who already has some more experience with the format.

    Looking back at it, the word “sprint” – while not inapplicable – may give a wrong impression about those five days. It’s not the 100 meters that Usain Bolt just won once again.

    I would say it’s more like a 3000 meter steeplechase, where you are at a constant pace, but always careful about not overstraining yourself. And not trying to stumble.

    Speaking of... I hear a Swedish sports reporter on the TV in the other room. Back to watching the Olympics.

    (Next week more about Sweden)

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  • Weeknote 556

    July 18th to 24th

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  • Weeknote 555

    July 11th to 17th

    I almost skipped this weeknote, but then I realized that we would be missing #555 (which we call a “Schnapszahl” in German).

    So here is what I still remember:

    Michael and Florie went to Berlin for very spontaneous gig. A four-day workshop for a very large organization. It was a pretty tough job on such a short notice, but fearless as they are, they accepted the challenge. And succeeded. Well done!

    Although Christoph’s internship hasn’t ended not just yet, the team went out to celebrate his time with us. Unfortunately I couldn’t join, so I don't know exactly what happened. It seemed to be fun night, because next day everybody else was coming in a little later than usual.

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