Weeknotes 461-471

Weeks 39 to 49 (September 22nd to December 5th)

I have to admit, this weeknote somehow stretches the concept of weeknotes: it took nothing less than 11 weeks to come up with something I would call a catch-up of the major events and activity around precious design studio. Next week I will post the last few missing team selfies and I hope Johannes will take over again on a more regular basis in 2015.

Week 39 (September 22nd to 26th)
We had our first workshop with a wonderful mindmatters crowd on Wednesday. On Friday, we gave a Design Studio Workshop for PAGE Magazine in our studio, which was a lot of fun and as far as we heard, it was of value for most participants.

Week 40 (September 29th to October 3rd)
We published Design Studio Kit, which is all about „why we do design studio, how we do it, what we learned so far & the material we use“. We will for sure update the repository over time, feel free to ask questions or contribute.

Week 41 (October 6th to 10th)
The bigger part of the Puichon design team spent three intense and very enjoyable days at an offsite session at Schloss Weissenhaus. At the end of the week, Sean and David attended Push Conference in Munich, where they also had a blast with old and new friends.

Week 42 (October 13th to 17th)
New blood: very good news from Svenja, who is currently on maternity leave. And by the way: we miss you. See you at our xmas bash next week!

Week 43 (October 20th to 24th)
First official 040x040 meeting at Hamburger Botschaft. 040x040 is an exchange program bringing together digital entrepreneurs from Hamburg and Malmö, Sweden. Also, Marcel's last GitHub commit on October 22nd for a novel content consumption prototype we conceived and developed for a client; it will be tested in late January.

Weeks 44 + 45 (October 27th to November 7th)
Very Malahat and Malakwa intense weeks, which usually means a lot of people and productive energy in the studio. I'm not deeply involved in these projects and it's always a pleasure to observe how things grow and evolve. Diligent crowds spreading across the studio also shows we need to make our studio space improvement ideas happen anytime soon.

Week 46 (November 10th to 14th)
The first edition of Wine Thinking („a perfect blend of Pretentious Design Thinking and Nerdy Wine Tasting Conversations, led by a professional Sommelier“) took place in our studio. It was a lot of fun and we’re already conceiving Coffee Thinking as well as Wine Thinking II.

Week 47 (November 17th to 21st)
Johannes is back from his three months parental leave in the US and Canada. He brought back a stress-relieved self, many inspiring thoughts and impressions as well as good coffee. Florie participated in Meng To’s Hamburg incarnation of his Sketch workshop series.

Week 48 (November 24th to 28th)
Another 040x040 meeting, this time in our studio – first great ideas coming into existence. Also, one of those very productive and informative Puichon Wednesdays and Thursdays in Berlin.

Week 49 (December 1st to 5th)
Two times vegan lunch with Louise this week! Also, Florie signed her employment contract and is now an official member of the precious family. Triple-bliss-week.

Places I had a look to stimulate my memory for this catch-up: my brain, our shared studio calendar, emails, Slack channels and conversations, GitHub commits, Dropbox, our internal weekly all hands folder.

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