Weeknote 582

January 16th to 22nd

"Restructuring" is a management term which sounds harmless. But if you ever experienced one, you probably know that it seldom is.

But it’s what we – Christophe, Michael and Johannes, the three partners in precious – felt was necessary. We won’t go into details now – we all need more time to reflect. But here are the facts:

A part of the team will focus on our long-term work for NumberFour AG (we referred to that project as "Puichon" in the past) and our Design Tools activities, while Michael will take care of the development and distribution of The Product Field. We stop working on other design service projects for the time being.

As a painful consequence we parted with some of our workmates. It was the toughest decision we ever had to make. These are not just talented people, but awesome human beings which we love being around with.

It’s a sad moment for us. But I’m sure that once the fog has lifted, we all will see a clear image of a bright future.

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