Weeknote 577

December 12th to 18th

We launched the Precious Design School website this week. It’s an overview of workshops/courses we have already done with some of our clients, and now offering to a wider audience. If you want training for your team – designers, developers, product managers or anyone else who is involved in building a digital product – have a look at the website and contact us.

We are also planning to offer some of the courses not just for whole teams, but individuals. If you are interested, you can sign-up here to be notified.

Speaking of which: On Thursday, Florie, Aisha, Sean and Michael went to betahaus for two workshops with teams from a large aviation company. One was about research and the other about the Product Field. I haven’t talked to them since, but I know they had some great ideas to make it not just informative, but also fun and inspiring. One of those ideas was to turn the Product Field into 360° room installation.

Maja and Florie worked on the identity for a wine shop. It’s coming along very nicely.

Arved build a slick new website for The Product Field. Should be online soon.

David, Christophe and I focussed on Puichon. David still adding and refining sticker sheets to make the platform’s components usable in Sketch. Christophe is jumping between platform and app design. And I am updating older drafts to a new design and defining layout rules for all screen sizes.

Yannik is our new “Werkstudent”, supporting us with icon production for Puichon. Welcome!

Visitors in the studio this week: Jason, who hung out with Michael for a couple of days to bounce ideas off each other. Everything from software product design to spirituality (and the intersection of those) was discussed. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t have more opportunity to chat with him, because I'm sure it would have been very inspiring.

Matthias (of 040x040 and It’s the glue), who brought GlueWein and talked with Michael and Florie about a potential collaboration for a client project.


More christmas festivities. After our own party last week, some of us went to our client's xmas party and obviously had fun.

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