Weeknote 570

October 24th to 30th

Besides our regular activities for project Puichon, which involved Christophe, David, Sean and myself, the rest of the team was working on a new website/offering we will launch soon, as well as the final parts for the Product Field Guide. The book is already at the bookbinder, and we expect it to arrive next week.

Now that the weather starts to turn more grey each day, we thought the world could use more colors. So we are now presenting a new palette each week at Open Color Tools.

Here are the first three: Wes Anderson, Coffee Flavors and Oriental Spice Market

If you don’t want to miss the next palettes, follow @opencolortools on twitter.

Our studio space became quite a mess over the last years, so on Friday we didn’t turn on our computers, but decluttered our desks, shelves and storage instead. Some strange and forgotten things turned up. It was fun. And cathartic.

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