Weeknote 554

July 4th to 10th

We started to work on a new precious website. After a few half-assed attempts for a relaunch, Arved and Maja took over what I started. We’ve been quite far in the process, when we realized that the half-assedness (is that a word?) didn’t go away. The direction I set led to something trivial. It looked like every other design studio website. It was okay, but not precious.

So we pulled the plug. Not without disgruntlement, though. Since we didn’t have a better solution, it was demotivating. The decision came too late in the process. But some of us felt it was necessary.

Mistakes were made and we will learn from them. But I also learned something else: that we as a team cope well with unpleasant situations like this.

It just took a few days to set the record straight, pull ourselves together and start over anew. And within a week we’ve been on a new path that looked promising. And with every design critique this path took form until we knew that it is the way to go. We found what was missing. We hope to show it to you soon.

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