Weeknote 550

June 6th to 12th

A quiet week at the studio. Michael and Aisha were on vacation, Svenja on sick leave. Christophe recovered from a jet lag and hit the road again towards Malmö, where he met a lot of people. His schedule looked like a speed dating event.

The rest of us enjoyed the tranquillity. Christoph, after focussing on Open Color Tools in the last weeks, decided to do something entirely different for a change. He’s designing a poster (yes, a poster!) about the history of drum machines. Florie worked on some more internal matters. Maja lay the final touches on the parenting app, and pondered the next iteration of the Product Field Guide. Sean was “tagging, tagging, tagging”, which is a laborious, but necessary task to ensure that all elements in the design system we are building for Puichon are colored correctly. Arved supported Sean a little and also continued to write patterns for the website. David and I spent quite some time defining line-spacings. Who knew that you could spent so much time on this? We didn’t, now we do.

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