Weeknote 549

May 30th to June 5th

Hackdays, workshops and a wedding – a lot has happened in our studio since the last time we posted a weeknote. Even better: a precious baby was born. Not in the studio, though.

There would have been so much to write about, but I missed it.

Thankfully Aisha made sure to celebrate all these great events properly. That was on Thursday evening. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it, but I’ve been told that whisky was involved.

Christophe also couldn’t be present, because he went on a spontaneous Puichon related trip. Judging from the photos he sent us, it looked more like “Explore California in a week”-tour, but he actually got some work done in and in between San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Palo Alto and Los Angeles. Sean and David stayed in Hamburg, but were in constant contact with the temporary Californian outpost.

Also very exciting: the private beta release of Open Color Tools. Michael and Christoph (the one without the e), together with Florian and Jan, worked hard to deliver the software to the first couple of hundred people who requested a beta invite.

Maja was busy with an app for young parents and another round of revisions for the Product Field Guide. Arved build patterns for our future website, Florie prepared some internal workshops and other initiatives that make us a better company. Me, I was supporting Maja, doing some legwork for Christophe and took care of new business inquiries with Michael.

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