Weeknote 538

March 14th to 20th

Once again, we had many guests this week at the studio. Wolfgang and KP were here to write the Product Field Guide, Valentin and Jörg came by for critique.

On Friday we celebrated the first version of an internal design tool we designed for a client. We introduced the concept more than two years ago and created a little prototype. Although it was very-well received, it took a while to be green-lighted for a proper development. Now it’s ready to be implemented into the workflow, so the folks from mindmatters, who developed the software, came by to have a little celebration. I think, I already talked about celebrations at precious. But I do it again, because we do it not enough and this serves as a reminder for ourselves.

Celebrations are presentations by the people who were involved in a project. After the completion of the project, the team shares all the good aspects of the project. Just the good ones. Even the little goods things that you hardly remember anymore.

The project team talks briefly about a great thing… and then the crowd goes wild. This is very important: Go wild! Cheer like someone just revealed the remedy for cancer. Repeat.

Pro tip: Have one cheerleader who picks a different style of cheering for each good thing. You will be surprised many ways there are.


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