Weeknote 536 & 537

February 29th to March 13th

I’ve spend the better part of 536 at home with a nasty stomach flu, but I was back on Friday, when we released the Brand Color Picker. This picker is part of something bigger: Open Color Tools. More about that soon.

Another baby of ours is The Product Field. Together with mindmatters we are currently working on the app, while Wolfgang, KP and Michael are editing and rewriting the Product Field Guide, which Maja is layouting.

And then the Design Tools Hackday. We’ve received lots of great applications from all over the world, and had the difficult task to select the participants. We’ve already increased the number of available slots as much as we could, but still there are a lot of people we couldn’t invite. We’ve also got lively interest from companies that develop design tools, either internally for their own teams or as commercial products. Looks like we are not the only people thinking a lot about the necessity to shape the tools that shape us.

Apart from these self-initiated projects, almost everybody in the studio was at some point involved with project Puichon. There were a lot of parallel work streams, involving everything from writing user stories to sketching wireframes, defining colors to writing html/css.

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