Weeknote 533 - 534

February 8th to 21st

Busy times, that’s why this weeknote is double feature. And late.

The studio is buzzing. We are now eleven people and we had a few guests working in our studio. Meike came all the way from the north of Sweden to research and write her thesis at precious. It’s about collaboration between designers and developers – with a focus on pattern libraries. Titus and Joschka made themselves comfortable at our studio as well to work on the Product Field app.

This app is a self-initiated project we are working on with mindmatters, but not the only one. There is another tool in the works, made real by our friend Jan and his partner Florian. And we just launched a little website for the Design Tools Hackday that we are organizing!

Christophe also wrote a lengthy article about “Designing with Meaningful Data”, which you should read if you are crafting digital products for a living.

Not everything was golden in the last few days, though. I won’t go into detail, but I had to think about the title of a beautiful record that Christophe and I released on our record label. But with everything else going on, nothing can stop our enthusiasm.

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