Weeknote 532

February 1st to 7th

So much happened this week!

First: new blood. Maja joined our team as a designer. Christoph started his internship. It only took a few days to realize that both are the great additions to the team we hoped they would be. Only problem: naming confusion, because we already have a Christophe. Maybe we all need to use the french pronunciation for him (as Svenja always did – and Florie, obviously). Or the new Christoph needs a nickname… we haven’t figured out yet.

Second: a two-day team retreat. We looked back and celebrated what we achieved (using every possible method of cheering we could come up with) and discussed proposals how to make precious better. Two very intense days that kept me thinking for a few days. I'm still digesting, I don't know yet what to write.

The gist: So much work to do. So worth it!

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