Weeknote 528 to 530

January 4th to 24th

When we started project Puichon in the summer of 2012, it was just Christophe and me working on the same – or at least very similar – topics. At the end of last year, five people were involved, and the scope and complexity of the project required that everybody on the team worked on different and very specific issues. Although we were all working on the same thing, it became harder and harder to follow and understand what the others were doing.

Now, with the beginning of the new year, we entered a new phase. We have to bring together all the different parts, so we switched our work mode. More communication, more collaboration. It feels good to see it coalesce.

Michael and Arved were mainly involved with The Product Field. Michael spend a few days in a writing retreat with the other two Product Field masterminds. We’ll talk a bit more about the result in a couple of weeks.

Arved continued to work on the interface for the Product Field app. Also something we hopefully can present in a not too distant future.

Svenja was busy with the 2015 accounts and other things to keep the studio running. So was Aisha.

Christophe, Michael and I spend quite some time with new business inquiries. Since we usually work in long-term partnerships, we don’t have to explain ourselves very often. But all of the sudden we were talking to a handful of organisations we haven’t worked with before. And we realised that we weren’t perfectly prepared to present ourselves, so it took a few extra hours. But the inquiries come from a wide variety of industries, with very diverse and interesting challenges, so we are excited. A great way to start the year!

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