Weeknote 525

December 14th to 20th

Since a couple of years we made it a tradition to kick-off our christmas party with a visit to a museum. This time we went Wälderhaus (house of the forests) to learn something about the woods. Did you know that trees can communicate with each other? And giraffes try to trick them when they do?

Back at the studio, our families joined us. We had a potluck. And a lot of fun. Arved made his very famous pasta salad, Sean wore his ugly sweater, four little boys between under the age of 3 roamed the office and Michael told us about his best worst christmas party experience…

Earlier this year we decided to hold back a small part of the funds of our one-tenth initiative (donating 10% of our profits) so everyone in the team could choose a charity to support with that money. The christmas party seemed an appropriate occasion to talk about that. Everybody prepared a few slides to present the selected charity and explained why she or he picked it. Here’s what our team chose: uLizo, Seawatch, Zeit für Zukunft, Give Well, Mozilla.org, Migrantenhilfe Hamburg, Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg and two more initiatives that don’t have a name yet, because they are just starting.

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