Weeknote 522

November 23rd to 29th

I had to skip the last two weeknotes, because I spent most days at home, some of them in bed. Party aftermath. So I was really happy not just to be well again, but also back in the studio.

Arved and Michael, with a little help from David, prepared and took part in an internal Product Field hackathon with programmers from mindmatters. Two days to kick-off the development of an app that will turn your results into insights.

On Tuesday Michael had a few guests. One after another, six people came by to talk about a common interest of theirs. This interview-marathon was part of the research for a product design sprint we’ll do next week.

Philipp and Nils came by to work with Arved on a new project for our long time partner Gruner + Jahr. Always a pleasure to have those lads around.

Sean turned his stack of scribbles into an interactive paper prototype.

Florie and I spend most of our time oscillating between the underlying structure and potential interfaces of a pretty complex app.

David and Christophe, still working on the design system for Puichon, explored drag’n’drop behaviors and diagrams.

Aisha wasn’t at our weekly all-hands, so I’m not sure what her main focus was this week. I noticed, though, that she bought flowers.

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