Weeknote 519

November 2nd to 8th

Dance floor selfie at our party.

I never gave much thought about precious being 10 years old, until we invited people for our anniversary party. Only then I realized the company is exists for a decade! Actually the business that Christophe and I registered, and which served as the legal entity for the design studio, is even older. It all started as a record label. But that’s another story I need to write down, because I realized that even most of my colleagues don’t know about it.

A lot of people at the party remarked about what a long time this is. For me, it doesn’t feel like that. Maybe because precious in it’s current incarnation is only three years old (and evolves faster and faster every year). Everything before was just a long warm-up.

Not that I don’t cherish the time as a designer duo in the early days. I’m extremely grateful that I had the chance to work closely with an amazing designer and genuine person like Christophe. Philipp, who collaborated with us a lot in the early days, and still does today, also inspired me a lot, and had a great impact on precious. And we couldn’t have wished for a better first employee than we got with David. He started as an intern in 2011 and quickly became a very important part of precious.

But with Michael as a third partner, the move to our current location and the addition of more team members, we started to write a new chapter. It just begun. The potential I see dwarfs the history.

And so I’m excited for the next 10 years.

Thanks to Aisha, Arved, Christophe, David, Florie, Michael, Sean and Svenja for making this company what it is. You are awesome!

Thanks to the alumni – Henne, Sthuthi, Amanda, Chiara – and all freelancers who collaborated with us. Thanks to all partners and clients we worked with. You are all part of our history and shaped precious into what it is now.

To the next 10 years!

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