Weeknote 512 - 514

September 13th to October 3rd

It’s been a while. A lot happened.

Let’s start with something uncomfortable. Disagreements. Dissonance. Discrepancy. It became obvious that we had different opinions, or rather priorities, about a very important company issue. Since we didn’t address it early on, a heated discussion erupted at a moment that wasn't ideal. It made me feel uneasy for a few days. But when it was over, I was glad to see that we could have this kind of arguments without any resentfulness.

My spirits were also elevated by our precious one-tenth initiative. Florie and I visited some organisations we considered for donations, and I left each meeting motivated and inspired. We decided to use part of our budget to support More Than Shelters, a non-profit social business that developed a modular emergency shelter system (DOMO). As their name suggests, they do more than just designing tents. Because a shelter only fulfils the most basic needs, they also do co-design workshops in refugee camps to improve the living conditions of the people there. It’s a great example of using a holistic design approach to tackle such a complex problem like the current refugee crisis. Because of the dramatic situation in Germany, MTS set up a pool of DOMOs to provide quick help where needed the most. With our contribution, three DOMOs have been financed. If you also like to support this cause, you can donate here.

Project-wise, there isn’t so much news. Less people as usually were involved in Puichon, but those who are have a pretty intense time. Christophe, especially. Most of the time he is in the box, brooding over the “configuration” of the design system together with Puichon team. Meanwhile, Sean is exploring the depths and breadths of a specific app.

We also started to work on another conference. Not our own (yet!), but exciting nevertheless. It has a very different audience than re:publica or NEXT (which we both worked with), so Florie is trying to get familiar with this strange kind of humans.

A prototype we developed last year will finally be turned into the real thing. Arved and David are on it.

Michael is doing so many different things, I keep loosing track. There was some consulting for Hagebau, workshops with Gruner + Jahr and handling many new project inquiries.

Aisha is busy with planning and organising a special event. More about that soon.

Sean also has organised a little something. For the first time we are opening our studio for a Behance Portfolio Review. See you!

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