Weeknote 500

June 22nd to 28th

Five hundred!

Not the number of actual weeknotes, though. We started much later and skipped quite a few since then.

A few weeks ago, when I continued writing weeknotes after a long period of silence, I said to myself: keep going to 500 and then…

Frankly, I sometimes struggle to write these posts. Sometimes I think there is nothing interesting to report. Or there is something interesting on my mind, but I don’t have the time, energy or skill to write about it properly. Or something interesting happened, but we can’t talk about it publicly. In either case, it’s a little frustrating.

Looking back at all the weeknotes, I must admit, that they are not as honest and transparent as I want them to be. I often amplified the positive aspects and omitted the problems, doubts and struggles, thus painting a picture that’s not totally accurate. I think that’s partly because these posts are the only content on our website. Greeting your visitors with negativity is probably not the best idea. Maybe that changes, when the weeknotes step back and are not the defining content of this website anymore.

Although writing these weeknotes is often not as satisfying as I would like it to be, I still see some value in them. 500 won’t be the last.

As for what happened this week, have a look here and there.

This weeknote is 233 words long