Weeknote 498 + 499

June 8th to 21st

Looking at our activity log of the last two weeks, I realized that we are currently and actively working on four precious products. Two have been just released: Data Populator and Product Field. Two more are in the works.

Say goodbye to lorem ipsum

We always made sure to design with realistic data, but doing so was very tedious. That’s why we developed Data Populator. It has been a very powerful tool for us, and now that we shared it, we are glad to see that it struck a nerve with lots of designers.

While a great little helper on its own, Data Populator is a piece of a larger puzzle: a workshop series we have developed for designers, product managers and developers about getting the most out of Sketch and how to manage design workflows in complex projects (contact us, if that sounds intriguing).

Field better products

The Product Field is also released and ready to be used by everybody. We’ve already gathered some valuable feedback from people who tried it with their product ideas. Klaus, Wolfgang and our Michael – the three authors of the Product Field – held a first public workshop this week at the betahaus. More to come. Of course we also offer internal workshops for companies. If you have a product idea you want to evaluate, contact us.

Because we now have all these products lined up, we are also working on a new website. In the last years, we de-prioritized our web presence to the point where we didn’t even talk about it anymore. We told ourselves that we don’t really need a proper website with a portfolio. But now that we working on it, I suspect that there was also another reason for postponing a redesign: it’s grueling to work on your own website. At least for me it is. It’s gotten worse, though. 15 years ago, designing my own website was fun. I thought everything I did was awesome. Most of it probably wasn’t, but the delusion helped.

These days I find it really hard to represent our studio. Maybe that’s because this company is evolving so much lately. And our ideas for the future are even more exciting.

There is this story about Otl Aicher, who – when asked by a client to do a corporate identity job – suggested they should publish a book about themselves instead. Only then, when they reflected about what they are really about, he might work on their visual identity.

A wise men he was. Nevertheless we will build the website before we publish a book.

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