Weeknote 497

June 1st to 7th

The main event this week was the launch of The Product Field at betahaus. Michael roped in almost everybody in the studio and infected us with his passion. From Arved who layouted the templates, to Sean who did some hand-lettering, to Aisha who organized the stage appearance of a bicycle messenger (if you weren’t there, consider it a cliffhanger that will be explained once you watch the soon-to-come video of the presentation).

The presentation was a great success. People were really interested in this method and provided meaningful feedback.

If you are interested in using The Product Field in your organization, you can either join one of the upcoming workshops at betahaus, or contact us to arrange a tailor-made workshop with your team.

A couple of months ago, we decided to donate 10% percent of our profits (the precious one-tenth, as we call it internally) to support organizations or projects that make a positive change. Florie has spent some time this week preparing an initial workshop to discuss the matter with the whole team.

Philipp was here for two days to work on a final polishing of an iOS app with Nils, the developer. It’s always inspiring talking with Philipp about his work, because he really delves deeply into the matter and doesn’t stop until every tiny little details is perfect.

We made steady progress on all fronts of Puichon. A few more steps in this ultramarathon.

Extreme sports like these call for optimal nutrition, so Louise came by twice this week and regaled us and our guests with her cooking. Yummy.

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