Weeknote 496

May 25th to 31st

Above you see early iterations of a tool we developed together with Wolfgang from mindmatters and Klaus Peter from news aktuell: The Product Field. It’ll be presented for the very first time to the public on May 16th as part of Product Tank Hamburg. I won’t go into details now, but we’ll soon talk a little more about it.

On our side, Michael is the driving force behind Product Field. But last week, prepping the release, many eyes and hands in the studio helped out to get it done. One of the highlights in this process was the arrival of the templates from the silkscreen printer.

Proudly printed by BÄNG in Ottensen
The culinary highlight this week was the seitan gyros Louise cooked for our team lunch. Kamila, who helped us a while ago as a working student, joined us. It was good to see her again.

Our Apple Watch finally arrived. We’ve ordered a few hours too late and had to wait quite a bit. Christophe was the first to give it an in-depth test run and kept us updated daily about his experiences.

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