Weeknote 495

May 18th to 24th

I spent the week in bed struggling with a persistent cold that built up slowly over the last two weeks and doesn’t seem to have any plans of going away anytime soon. Because of that I sadly missed the visit of a group of people from Malmö and Hamburg. As part of a quite special event format named 040x040, we opened our studio on Friday morning for coffee, croissant and interesting talks (full schedule here).

Seems like I also missed out on a good party in the evening. There is photographic evidence posted on Slack showing Aisha, Florie, Arved and Christophe posing with DJ MAD, their gestures and grimaces suggesting they had a lot of fun (Or alcohol. Or both).

The good thing though about being stuck in bed is that you have a lot of time to dive into books. I read about Cretan resistance fighters during World War II and the Natural Method, the story of the record label Merge, and why we need different houses.

I also learned about writing better texts. On and off, I'm working on the content for our future website, and "Text sells" introduces some helpful techniques. From the same publisher comes this book, which I just started, but I’m already intrigued.

Finally “Die Tocotronic Chroniken” arrived this week. Of course I’m biased, because we are friends with the band and the book features some of our work. But I really think it’s one of the best books ever published about a band. It’s very visual, showing hundreds of annotated photos, artworks, flyers and other documents, which describe the group probably better than a more text heavy book could have. This tome is a must-have for any Tocotronic fan, but I would also recommend it to someone who is just interested in (rock-)music in general.

That's it for this week's (book) notes.

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