Weeknote 493

May 4th to 10th

If there is something we sometimes suffer from, it’s not being able to show the work we poured our hearts in. “Puichon” is a project that keeps us very busy since almost three years, but it’s still in stealth mode. Then there are other projects were we didn’t design the final product which is visible to the public, nevertheless we were involved a lot in the process of getting there. The recently launched website of DIY store hagebau.de is such an example. In the end it was done by the in-house team, but we designed the foundations and created a pattern library that supported them to develop, expand and maintain the website.

While we often can’t show project like this, we can talk about our general approach to pattern libraries. So we chatted with PAGE magazine. The result is an article in their current issue:

Precious’ Pattern Lab from PAGE 06/2015.
We also have something concrete to show this week: Finderzimmer, an app for buying and selling used kids clothing, is now available on the app store. We’ve been working on this product since October last year, and after a closed beta phase we are now very excited to see how people will respond to it. A huge thank-you to Anne and her team at g+j for making this project possible, and kudos to the gang at mindmatters, who developed the app.

We are always very critical with our work and tend to forget about the achievements among all those little things that aren’t quite right. That’s why Michael introduced a new format recently: The Project/Milestone Completion Celebration. Rules: present all the positive aspects about the project in front of the team. No if and buts, no “we could have better” – these are for a retrospective, but not for the celebration.

This week it was my pleasure to celebrate the launch of Finderzimmer. And while preparing the presentation, I was surprised how many good aspects I came up with. It’s a great exercise to put things in perspective (especially for the self-critical) and a lot of fun. Try it with your next project!

Julie completed her high school internship and presented her project, a tablet app called "Quiz Field”. Within three weeks, she developed the concept, designed the screens in Sketch and made an interactive prototype! Here’s a video of an interaction sketch, which she used to test the game mechanic: More great news: Arved is back. He was interning at precious a while ago, then continued his studies in Denmark and Gmünd, spent a few months in Berlin for an internship at edenspiekermann and traveled alone through Cambodia. Now he’s settled in Hamburg, and we are glad to have him on the team.

Another fresh face in the studio: Lukas, a young and talented programmer from the sunny part of England. He met us at github and worked remotely on a few Sketch plug-ins. This week, Lukas came over for a few days to work on an internal project with us. Something with colors. Stay tuned.

More celebrations: on Tuesday we all left a little earlier to check out if this new BBQ joint is up to the American standards of birthday boy Sean. Unfortunately the sky opened its gates and flooded the place right before we got there. We found another place to eat and had a good time anyway.

Another source of joy was the arrival of our custom made drafting dots:

Samples of custom made drafting dots. Now we have to decide about a final design.
Over and out.

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