Weeknote 492

April 27th to May 3rd

It was a short week and nothing special happened, so here’s a quick one: Christophe and David are still finishing the foundations of the design system for Puichon. In a related project, Sean and Florie are getting to the bottom of how people are communicating and planning in a business context. I worked on another sub-project designing user flows.

Michael prepared a self-initiated project which we will kick-off next week. He was also still involved in two other projects that are coming to completion soon. With a little help from Michael, our intern Julie made a stop-motion movie to prototype her quiz game ideas. She also scribbled user flows which took up about two meters on our wall. A sight that impressed her teacher quite a bit when he came visiting.

As always, Aisha’s activities were so manifold and diverse, that it’s hard for me to summarize them in a sentence or two. Let just say she made sure everything is running smoothly and everybody has a good time.

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