Weeknote 491

April 20th to 26th

This week, Julie started her 3-week school internship. Her goal is to design and prototype a quiz app. So much cooler than my internship in a public administration office.

Our beloved espresso machine almost exploded. Dear engineers: putting the sensible pressure regulating electronics directly under the water tank, without any cover, isn’t such a good idea. Fortunately, the machine found another way to blow off steam. And Espresso Tecnica’s swift service prevented caffeine deprivation.

Louise is really busy with her new food truck, so we were happy that she made some time to cook our team lunch on Thursday. She made a vegan salad reminiscent of a popular North German dish: Matjes salad. Michael was giddy with pleasure.

Finderzimmer, an iPhone app we’ve been working on since December last year, got submitted to Apple. It should be available in about two weeks. More about it then.

Our friends and clients (we worked with them on “Kapitulation” and “Schall & Wahn”), Tocotronic, played a show to celebrate their new release. It was a great night. Check out their album, in stores next week.

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