Weeknote 490

April 13th to 19th

I feel a little guilty having ignored the weeknotes for more than two months. But to be honest, I pretty much forgot about them.

The main reason of these regular postings has always been reflection. To take a step back once a week and review the past days in the studio. I’m still surprised when someone mentions something I wrote about, because – other than myself – I don’t have a reader in mind. Sure, I obfuscate project specifics and censor myself at times. But I have no ideas how many people are reading these postings and frankly I don’t care. The weeknotes are a tool. And publishing them online enforces a habit.

So why did I forgot about the tool and broke the habit? Other tools and habits replaced them. One the one hand, we are getting better and better at sticking to our weekly review. For these regular team meetings we established a format that seems to work very well so far. We also started another regular meeting (stand up) for our most extensive project.

On the other hand, I started using IDoneThis a while ago. It's an app that asks just one question: “What’d you get done today?”. So every evening before I leave the studio, I take 5 minutes to think about what happened that day. And then write it down.

Since last week we are testing IDoneThis with the whole team. At the end of the day, everybody can see what the others have accomplished. I hope we can stick to it, because I really like this ambient awareness, especially when I can’t be in the studio.

Like this week. I had to stay in bed on Monday, then worked two days from home, spend only half a day in our studio on Thursday and worked at a partner’s office on Friday. Still I have a good idea of what’s going on, because I attended the weekly and scanned our IDoneThis.

Apart from my above thoughts, there’s only one other thing I want to share with you, my dear reader:

Florie, Aisha and Michael (left to right) finally mounted a sign with our logo at the entrance.

Illustration by Florie, who delighted everybody with it at our weekly review.

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