Weeknote 477

January 12th to 18th

We have a new temporary team member: Luna is doing her high school internship at precious. For two weeks she will be in our studio to get a glimpse of what it’s like to make digital products – and design her own smartphone app!

It’s interesting to have a true digital native around. Usually we work with people like ourselves, who experienced the olden days, when you had to drive to a store to buy music and dial in with a modem to receive emails (around 1 to 5 per day). It’s refreshing to listen to someone who doesn’t think about the iPhone as a piece of magic, but as something as trivial as tap water. It also makes you feel a little bit old, though… (No, never heard about this latest chat app, but hey, I was among the first 50.000 people on friendster!)

Part two of our soul searching sessions: this time we talked about what kind of “impact” we want to make with our work. We didn't came to a conclusion during our 2-hour workshop, but it was great to listen to everybody’s thoughts on this topic. To be continued.

Projects: nothing new, we are all still busy with the same projects as last week.

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