Weeknote 460

September 15th to 19th

Here comes another pretty short weeknote – but this time a bit earlier than the last one. I'm currently sitting at the TV Hackday in Berlin and our next stand-up will be at midnight.

We did a lot of Design Studio workshops, but I've never been satisfied with using slides on a projector when introducing the method. It just doesn't feel appropriate: Design Studio is about making not talking, about sketching, about creating plenty tangible results in a short amount of time. So if introducing the methodology is supposed to set the right mode of the day, it should follow the same principle.

In a workshop yesterday, I did the introduction slide free for the first time – just paper on the wall, some pens in my hands and a couple of props I had prepared (thank you very much for super valuable advice, Anna Lena!). I think it is much better this way – this is how it looked like:

Slide-free Design Studio Introduction

And here's another person at the studio for the next few months (he's the "fourth person" I mentioned in weeknote 458):



The first project we did together with Jan was the mobile website for Financial Times Deutschland, just before the newspaper closed its doors. We liked the collaboration a lot and are now looking forward to work with him more extensively!

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