Weeknote 457

August 25th to 29th

This week, I'm pasting my daily journal notes in here:

Monday, August 25th (Hamburg, Mostly Sunny, 12°) — Just Chiara, Sean and me in the office. David now gone for well deserved holidays, first week of Svenja's maternal leave, Florie back tomorrow, Michael a day off. Incredibly silent morning. Philipp came over for a quick checkin to get me up to speed. Spent basically the whole day on preparing design specs for implementation on Wednesday. Highly concentrated. I like this type of work a lot – it demands plenty of patience and discipline though and I'm always very tired after such days.

Tuesday, August 26th (Hamburg, Mostly Sunny, 14°) — Florie is back from her holidays and brought very yummy cookies from France. Also, Michael was in again and we all had lunch together at Luncheonette, a great and relatively new place for delicious sandwiches (try the “Pastrami Reuben” with Avocado instead of Pastrami!). It's quite hip and very american in terms of interior design and offerings and … the waiter knows our names by heart.

Apart from that, I gave Sean an introduction to Puichon – it was a lot of information, but it's always a great way to reflect our work and get some feedback from fresh perspectives. I still had lots of tasks to complete in preparation for tomorrow, so you could see me with my headphones on several times today.

Chiara and I reviewed illustrations and drafts for our not-so-secret-but-not-yet-publicly-announced precious design school. It's coming along very nice and pretty and I'm looking forward to release it soon. Again very fascinating, how illustration can set an overall tone and atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 27th (Berlin, Mostly Sunny, 15°) — I took the train to Berlin at 8:00 am and we continued our trip to the office in Mitte with rental bikes. That was a great idea! Again, we had a very intense, yet enjoyable and highly productive time translating our design system into code.

After lunch, we went to a bakery called Zeit für Brot, which somehow reminded me of Gateau, a Swedish bakery chain I just went to in Malmö almost every day. They both have products with yeast and cinnamon that I highly recommend.

In the evening, I was once again getting totally spoiled by Christopher and his wife and I had some minutes to draw and play with my lovely godchild the next morning. Wow, what a week already! A good way to being distracted from missing your own family.

Thursday, August 28th (Berlin, Mostly Sunny, 18°) — Another very productive day in Berlin. And more yeast and cinnamon. Back to Hauptbahnhof with bikes, summer is in town again, stimulated conversations on our train trip and a very not yummy sandwich. Catching up on emails, something I nowadays do 80% mobile I would say. Also, new Instagram photos from Johannes, now in British Columbia, Canada.

Florie and Michael kicked off research for a new project we're starting in September. Our dearest Philipp will be back in the studio for this next month and also Amanda, our new intern from HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd will join him. Very promising and I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, August 29th (Hamburg, Showers, 17°) — Back in the studio and it's raining outside – at least I made it here before it started. The week ended just like it began: only Chiara, Sean and myself in the studio. Sean and I did a review of his first work for Puichon and in addition, he finally got in touch with this nasty Sketch plugin bug that we were not yet able to fix (for sure we do strain this piece of software quite heavily).

In the afternoon, an old friend of the house showed up and we had a great philosophical discussion about design (and art). He showed me a short teaser for the film he’s currently working on and what I saw was very appetizing; can’t wait to see it! Coming back to Chiara’s and Sean’s desk, I found those guys involved in another philosophical design discussion. Let’s all this Friday phi-lo-so-phical Friday.

Many friends and gastronomy names dropped this week! Have a great late summer weekend.

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