Weeknote 455

August 11th to 17th

This week the studio was populated by lots of people: clients sketching hundreds of ideas, electricians climbing in dizzy heights, babies crawling on the floor and strangers sitting on benches listening to other strangers.

We conducted two workshops with clients – one was for a start-up, generating ideas to improve the product, the other one was about a new digital product for a magazine brand. The energy in both workshops was high, and thus the results good/interesting/revealing.

On Thursday, we stopped working earlier than usual, because our partners and kids came to the studio for a little get-together. You don’t need a reason to enjoy time with your families and colleagues, but we had one: it was the last day that we all were together for quite a long time. Svenja will soon start her maternity leave and I… well, I’m writing these lines about 8000 kilometers away from Hamburg and for the next three months I won’t come any closer.

Because I had to pack for our trip, I missed the UX camp on Saturday, for which we hosted some of the talks in our studio.

Christophe will take over the weeknotes. I’m sure he has some interesting things to tell next week, as he is visiting a conference called The Conference in Malmö. Although I might be still involved in or at least informed about a few issues, I guess it’ll be strange to learn about some activities in the studio through our website.

In the meantime I might write some travel notes, or at least update my rusty instagram account.

Have a great summer/fall.

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