Weeknote 452

July 21st to 27th

With the World Cup, ongoing project work and recovery from sleep deprivation induced indisposition all fighting for the top of the priority list, unfortunately the weeknotes didn’t have the ghost of a chance in the past weeks.

Finally, I carved out some time to drop a few lines. It’s past seven, everybody already left the building. It’s quiet, except for the fan whose humming and buzzing has been the studio soundtrack for the recent days.

Best thing this week: Michael has returned from his parental leave. I can imagine that coming back after spending two months with your baby and girlfriend is quite a change, but after a few days of acclimatisation, Michael attends the projects that have been waiting for him with a lot of verve.

Also best thing this week: Aisha signed the contract. She’ll fill in for Svenja as the studio manager. It’s such a relieve to have found someone in time who has not just the necessary skills, but is also a cultural fit.

Pretty good as well: lots of new project inquiries. But not just the quantity increased. Most of them have the potential to be projects where we can influence or even define the fundamental process very much (if that sounds trivial, it’s not).

Also causing excitement: framer.js in combination with Sketch.

More awesomeness: the diverse output produced by the team. Everybody is doing really great and interesting stuff – and learning a ton while doing it.

A good week.

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