Weeknote 447

June 16th to 22nd

Just in time for the World Cup, we increased our international diversity. Our small team currently consists of four nationalities since Chiara started her internship this week.

We now have Sean cheering for the US boys, Chiara keeping her fingers crossed for the Squadra Azzurra, Florie hoping that Les Bleus “don’t behave like idiots again” and the rest of us rooting for the German Mannschaft.

Since watching the matches takes up a lot of time and energy, we invited Luise, a vegan cook, to prepare a lunch for us on Thursday. Actually, we’ve been tinkering with the idea to have a regular team lunch for quite a while – not just in the strenuous times during the World Cup. There’s one drawback though: the smell that evaporates from the kitchen an hour before lunch time. Concentration loses big time against anticipation, like Portugal against Germany.

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