Weeknote 445

June 2nd to 8th

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sean Loomis, our new designer. Hailing from Seattle, Sean already worked with us briefly when he arrived in Hamburg in 2012. We are happy to have him back in the studio, not just because of his design skills, but also because of his energetic verve.

Luckily Sean didn’t need much onboarding and dove directly into our new project, Kewlona. David and I also worked on first drafts for the app. Christophe is still focussing on Puichon, Florie did more research interviews for Millinocket and Svenja struggled with tricky bookkeeping software.

On Friday, we all swapped our computers for pen and paper. Anna-Lena Schiller showed us a few tricks to improve (and speed up) our sketching skills. Christophe in particular left the workshop with a satisfying accomplishment: After more than 30 years of doodling, drawing and painting, he finally knows how to draw a bicycle in less than 5 seconds.

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