Weeknote 444

May 26th to June 1st

I procrastinated with this weeknote for so long that I hardly remember what happend. It was a short week anyway with yet another holiday.

We had a kickoff-workshop for a new project. It’ll be a smartphone/tablet app for a magazine. The codename is Kelowna, deriving from a native american word for grizzly bear. The meaning is completely unfitting, but the sound of the word somehow suits, I think.

Since this weeknote is so short, I’ll take the opportunity to point out a new job offer: We’re looking for a studio manager. If you think you might be the person we are looking for, or know somebody who would fit the description, please let us know. Otherwise I’ll have to take over some of Svenja’s duties while she’s on maternity leave, which would mean I don’t have time anymore to write weeknotes.

This weeknote is 146 words long