Weeknote 442

May 12th to 18th

Over the course of a week, we often have very different moods and paces in the studio. Because some of us are working part time or doing home office, and sometimes we have students and freelancers helping out, there are days when just three people are in the studio and others when our eight desks aren’t enough.

When it’s just three or four people, there is usually a very concentrated atmosphere. A quiet busyness. It’s a bit like in the olden days, but it feels different in the place we are now. Our studio with it’s large open plan and very high ceiling is like a huge resonator. It amplifies the atmosphere. Quiet is quieter.

With eight people it’s another kind of busy. It’s more energetic, more social, but also less focussed (at least for me). I like both modes, and the fact that they change during the week is great. But I think we (or I) aren’t using it effectively enough. It would make sense to plan our tasks more in regards to these different kind of vibes. Probably everybody does it to some extent, at least unconsciously, for herself. But I wonder how much we could benefit, if we would use it deliberately as a team.

Another question to be solved in the near future as the team grows: how can we ensure a focused, quiet atmosphere for each one, when she needs it.

So this week we even had 22 people at once working in the studio for a whole day. We hosted a workshop with a client and cranked out ideas for new products. It was exhausting to work with that many people, to make sure they have a good time and produce something worthwhile. But it was also a lot of fun, and I realized once again, that we like being the “host”. I only half-joked when I said to one of our guests, that we might start a cafe or restaurant sometime. But I’m sure we can also find some other activities and outlets for our hospitality that are a bit closer to what we do now.

Another thing I like to mention (mainly as a reminder to ourselves): cleaning up the space for the workshop was a matter of an hour, but it felt so good, cathartic even. That’s why I hereby propose “House-Cleaning Friday”: Every first Friday of the month we all leave our desks for an hour, crank up the music really loud and take down those scribbles from long gone projects, put away the debris that gathered on our common tables and do a little home improvement.

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