Weeknote 440

April 28th to May 4th

The smell of varnish is hanging in the air. Pungent fumes creep up my nose and make me feel a little dizzy. We got a little upgrade for our studio space: a fresh layer of whiteboard paint in The Box and a new blackboard wall in the kitchen.

Besides me, only Henne is working in the studio today. I wonder if the vapor has any effect on his already trippy designs. He is adding the last touches for a large stage projection at the NEXT Berlin conference.

In previous weeknotes, this project was codenamed Nowata. Like all of our code names it is a place name with a Native American origin. The Lenape tribe called it “nuwita”, which means “welcome”. We thought that’s a fitting name for a conference.

We worked on more than just the visuals for the stage projection: we’re also responsible for the overall creative direction and developed a digital conference guide (Christophe will talk a little bit about it in a workshop).

It’s the third conference we’ve been involved with (after re:publica 2011 and 2012), and although it is always a nerve-wracking job, the fact that everything comes together at one place, at a specific time, is still very exciting for us. I’m looking forward to see it all in action.

If you are at the conference as well, get in touch.

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