Weeknote 439

April 21st to 27th

This will be a brief note, because

• I'm writing this on my mobile phone, as I'm on a short vacation trip in Copenhagen. And I don't like writing on the phone. I'm just not good at it. I'm getting really envious observing teenagers in the bus writing messages in lightning speed. Yes, observing people using their mobile devices. I do that a lot. I can't help it. Something in me (and my wife) says it's nosy, but a louder voice in me claims that it's valuable research. It's somthing designers do, right? Observing people's behavior.

• It was a short week, because Monday was a holiday.  It was even shorter for me, because I left the country on Friday.

• I've only been in the studio for an afternoon, because I was either at client meetings or working from home (because I felt a little peaky and preferred a workplace close to a bed). So actually I don't know much about what everybody else was doing, thus the self-centered nature of this post.

• Some haven't been working anyway. David and Svenja enjoyed their holidays (I hope), Christophe wasn't in on Friday. Ok, this post is not so short after all. Because... You know what's even more annoying than writing on a phone? Editing. 

Editing UI designs in Photoshop is also a pain in the butt. I knew that for a long time, but what can you do? Learning Sketch. I'm a late adopter in the studio - actually the last adopter, everybody else is already using it. But I joined the club this week.

Anyway, besides the usual work for Puichon, Millinocket and Kathadin, this week was crunch time for Nowato. It was tough, but morale was high. 

Battery power on the other hand is low and my thumbs and eyes start to hurt. Over and out.

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