Weeknote 438

April 14th to 20th

As announced last week, we did our weekly review again. It felt very good to have everybody in one room. Not the large room, the small one inside the large one (aka The Box). I suggested to keep it short, because everybody was very busy, but it took us way longer than expected. And that was fine, because we realized we missed out on so much things that have been happening directly in front of us.

Christophe and Henne gave us an overview on all things Nowata. Pretty cool stuff: from stunning visuals to a well thought-out smartphone app. We’ll soon share it with the world, so I won’t go into detail now.

Florie told us a bit about the interviews she did for the research work on Millinocket.

Svenja reported that we will soon get a new chalk board wall in the kitchen. Also the worn out whiteboard wall in The Box gets a new paint job. Besides trying to coordinating painters (though job indeed), she worked on some finance issues.

David presented some designs for Qualicum, a companion app for a magazine.

I explained the status quo on Millinocket, which includes writing user stories and translating them to use cases. But more importantly: thinking about a tool to organize all these information.

Michael wasn’t at the review, as his easter holidays started a bit earlier.

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