Weeknote 436

March 31st to April 6th

About the time Christophe wrote the last blog post two days ago, without knowing about it, I decided to bring the weeknotes back to life. I haven’t written one since four months, but I didn’t bother me that much, because I had a good excuse not to. Being a first-time dad and working in a design studio operating at full capacity (euphemism!), the weeknotes didn’t make it to the top of my priority list. But in crazy, busy, overwhelming times like this, it’s even more important to take some time to reflect. And as I wrote before, the weeknotes are a tool to do just that.

Since a lot has happened since the last update, let me give you a quick wrap-up: Svenja is back in the studio, trying to get us organised. A tough job, but having worked with cows and donkeys before, she knows how to handle it. Florie is another great addition to the team. She has a background is in social and service design and is taking care of our research issues. Always eager to establish more diversity in our team, we are happy to increase our women’s quota* by having those two great ladies on board.

Projects evolved or changed focus, but our current client roster is the same as last December. We are still working on a large-scale design system for a software product. We develop a framework for designing and evaluating this product. We are designing a markup language. We are working closely with the mobile unit of a big publishing house and we develop the visual identity of a conference.

Fast forward to week 436, which started with Christophe’s birthday. To celebrate, Svenja cooked a huge mountain of delicious, vegan pasta salad for lunch. It looked like way too much food, but with 10 hungry people, there wasn’t much left over.

Another social gathering this week: the precious movie night (out). So far, I picked the films we watched at our (too infrequent) movie nights – usually documentaries about art, design, science or culture. This time David suggested to watch Spike Jonze’s new feature film “Her” **, so we had our first movie night at the cinema.

Christophe’s week was split in two: the first half was dedicated to Puichon, the latter was reserved for Nowata, involving lots of phone calls and meetings. Henne was also working on Nowata, and David helped out on Friday as well. We also kicked off a new subproject for Nowata with Heiko, a freelance developer. It’s about context-awareness, a topic we have been interested for quite a while. David supported Christophe on Puichon, but I also saw a Sketch file with a trillion different iterations of Qualicum, an iPhone/iPad app for a magazine, on his screen. Michael, with support from Kamila, did some documenting for Kathadin. He also got his hands dirty with FutureFolio, trying to explore the intersection between our concepts and the technical feasibility. Florie documented her insights from the first round of field research, while already organizing and conducting further interviews. I was mainly completing persona descriptions and writing user journeys for Millinocket and working with Michael on layout templates for digital magazines.

*) There’s still some room for improvement, though (wink wink).
**) precious verdict: highly recommended. Ask Siri to reserve some tickets.

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