Weeknote 415

November 4th to 10th

There is a sharp rise in post-it consumption, and it shows. Everywhere in the studio walls are covered with colorful clouds of little rectangles. These artefacts of brainstorm sessions are interspersed with A4 sheets depicting product ideas – the results of client workshops using the Design Studio method. This week Michael and I ran the third workshop in a series of three.

There also was another workshop this week, which Sthuthi, Henne, Christophe and I prepared and conducted. This one was not about product ideation but brand identity. It kicked-off a new project – Nowata – which we really look forward to.

All those workshops we ran in the last weeks produced so many ideas and sketches that documenting and post processing the results is quite a task. Fortunately Arved helped a great deal with this.

When not hosting our clients for workshops this week, part of the team worked on Puichon and Kathadin as usual. To be honest, I’m not sure what David did exactly, because he wasn’t at our weekly team meeting on Thursday. It was his turn catching the virus or whatever it is that keeps knocking off our people one after the other. But I’ve seen screens of Puichon on his monitor and several Android test devices. Same goes for Christophe. Michael worked on the related Kathadin project. In our meeting, he briefly mentioned some of his first hypotheses. It had something to do with traffic rules and nested rectangles.

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