Weeknote 414

Oktober 28th to November 3rd

This week ended on Saturday with our yearly indoor studio picnic. Last year - after we moved to our new location - we wanted to celebrate the arrival with our families. Back then we had no kitchen and not enough chairs for everybody to sit, so the idea of a picnic was born. Do you remember the image of Anna an me playing badminton?

I'm happy that the whole team and their families came together again this year. Hopefully the yearly picnic will become a precious tradition.

A lot of things happened in the past year. A lot more than I am able to reflect in todays weeknote. So here is just a quick comparison of both events:

picnic 2012 picnic 2013
People at picnic (invited) 9 (9) 15 (18)
Guests younger than 1 year 0 2
Seating furniture Blankets Chairs
Plates Paper Ceramic
Amount of food Plenty Way too much
Type of bread No-kned-bread Walnut-bread
Drinks Icetea, Cremant Lüttauer Schorle, Fritz Kola, Red Wine, Beer
Activities Playing Badminton, Flying RC Helicopter Playing Badminton, Winning Kinect Games, Carrying around babies, Painting with Henna

Christophe and I were hosting another workshop for a longtime client based on the Design Studio Method. The photo above was taken right after our guests left. The people are already gone, but the intensity of the workshop is still visible.

David, Arved and Christophe had a good time using Sketch for project Puichon. Stuthi, Henne and Christophe were planning a workshop for a new client to kick off Nowata on Friday next week. I started to work on a different project for our Puichon client - code name Kathadin. We are looking for a helping hand to support me documenting a new programming language – here is the job description in german language, english soon to follow.

Johannes was ill and had to stay in bed - we are happy to have him back on Monday!

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