Weeknote 409

September 23rd to 29th

It was Christophe's turn to write this week's weeknote, but he was busy getting all his stuff done before leaving for two weeks of well deserved vacation with his family. So, here is my first weeknote (do not expect my best, I'm still practicing).

I guess it was the first time since weeks, that everybody was at the studio at the same time. David and I returned last week, and Sthuthi came back from her honeymoon this Wednesday. We sat together for our weekly meeting on Thursday afternoon. Great people we are. Two things we decided and should not forget:

  • Weekly all-hands: once every week at the same time. Sthuthi promised to ring the bell and take care that this will happen for real.
  • Cooking was a precious ritual at our old office, but we kind of lost that ritual in the new studio space. I'm not sure why: Was it Johannes diet plan that stopped us from preparing food together? Or, more likely, the new, exciting and really good food places around the corner; or was it the lack of a kitchen for the first month, or the growth of the team? Anyway, we have lost that ritual and it did not return by itself. That's why we decided to get us back in the kitchen with a more formatted rule set: a) Two of us (chosen randomly) cook for the rest of the crew. b) Once every week. I'm looking forward to good food and better conversations.

What happened

Johannes was documenting a visual design system for mobile context, thinking beyond fixed screen sizes.

David and Christophe where documenting as well - using their favorite shiny new toy: Specking.

Here is a list of the most used words near Henne's desk: browserify, WebGL, toolkit, Plask, machine.

Arved, Henne and I started to design a tool and process for our own needs. It has something to do with documentation. There is not much more to share yet, than the project codename: knockknock.

Christophe, Arved and I finally managed to publish Christophe's MobX presentation on our website. We created a javascript (more accurate pdf.js) based script that renders Apple Keynote exported PDFs with speaker notes in the browser. It extracts and cuts off the notes and displays them as HTML. The code lives on github.
Take a few minutes and enjoy the slidedeck: "How to behave well in a multi-device". And let us know if it works, and what you think.

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