Weeknote 408

September 16th to 22th

Diane, 7:21 am, September twenty-first. I'm sitting on the sectional couch in my apartment pondering the occurances of this passing week.

I may not be the ideal person to give an account of what happened in the studio, since I didn't spent as much time as usual there, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

David was back from his vacation at the Adriatic coast of Croatia. He reported only good things about this travel destination. A place of inherent natural beauty, not overrun by tourists and with lots of reasonably priced accommodations. Exactly what I need. Climate might be a little too hot for me though.

Michael, too, has resumed work after a month-long parental leave. He also has a lot to tell about his journey to fatherhood. I can only imagine how exciting this must be.

Coffee consumption has quadrupled since their return. That's just an educated guess, Diane. I didn't actually measure it. But boy, do these guys love their cup of coffee!

Expenditures this week: fifty-eight Euro at online merchant Amazon for a book entitled "Die Organisation des Wissens" by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi. Looking forward to read this. Software product "Sketch Mirror" for five euro and forty-nine cents at the iTunes Store. One hundred thirty-eight euro and thirty-four cents for cellphone contracts and forty-three eighty-nine for telephone and internet connection. Receipts will be at your desk by the end of next week.

Diane, I like to end this recording with a Tibetan saying I came across this week: "Time is fleeting and learning is vast, so use the swan's art of extracting milk from water and devote yourself to the most precious path."


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