Weeknote 407

September 9th to 15th

Another exciting week is over. I'm currently still in my hotel room in Berlin after a fantastic day at MobX Conference yesterday. The wifi is bad – as in most hotels – and I'm waiting for some huge file to download. Because earlier this week, Henne has shown us his first attempts remixing Sthuthi's work around our visual identity – and he has blown our minds. He came up with a piece of software that enables all other people in the studio to explore further and then feeding back our own findings and ideas.

My MobX talk, which was the first talk of the day, went fine I think. The good thing about being the first is the fact that everybody in the audience is still fresh and wide awake! And as a speaker, you have enough time to check out the venue, the stage, the lectern, the technical stuff. Which is really, really important I learned. When I was still playing music live on stages, I always tried to do this as well. Not just for soundcheck, but to get a better feel of the space. And it's really the same here. MobX took place in an old eastern german cinema with a huge screen, and entering the room actually felt a bit daunting in the first moment. But after a while, I started loving it and really enjoyed the size of the slides. I never ever saw them this big before!

The feedback to the talk was something along the lines of "a bit off-topic, but very entertaining", "very enjoyable", "thanks for widening the perspective", "surprising", "inspiring". I love that and I'm very thankful for those words. When Jan, one of the organizers invited me to speak I asked him if he could imagine me giving a talk that is not really about multi-device design, but rather about the implications and the behaviors in this new reality. And he agreed, which made me really happy. I will publish the slides and some notes sometime next week. Also, I gave a short video interview right after speaking, which should also be up soon.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous giving this talk (I hope my dear colleagues and family did not suffer too much during the last couple of days). I was well prepared, thought a lot about the story to tell (thank you for your very valuable input, Johannes and Michael!), spent much time designing the slides (thanks so much for your illustrations, Arved!) and rehearsed a lot. Mainly to get the timing right, and to not rush through my slides too much, which is something I mostly disliked when watching videos of my former talks – and which is pretty normal if you're not super experienced and have a hard time constraint.

But this was an all new talk and the topic's pretty undiscovered territory. I had never given it before, and this is always special. I also know this very well from the sound design work I did for some theater productions – before the premiere, even the most experienced actors were totally stage-frightened. And I had learned from them how normal and good this is, and how you need to find your own strategy to turn it into "positive energy" and ultimately: concentration (some meditate, some sing, some simply walk around to keep their adrenaline busy …).

Next week, Michael and David will be back in the studio and I'm really looking forward.

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