Weeknote 406

September 2nd to 8th

We were still operating with a small crew this week, but everybody was on fire! Even our alarm system thought so, and summoned the fire brigade to our studio.

Turned out it was just steam from cooking that triggered the smoke detector. I guess this will be the most expensive pasta we ever had.


We are currently testing an alternative to our internal mailinglist: INC, a new tool by the people behind kippt. Although it still lacks some useful features (which hopefully will be added in the near future), I'm quite happy with it. Information is better arranged and more organized than in emails, but still it's a lightweight system that's easy to use. Here's a little digest of things we shared this week:

Context aware computing

Disruptions: More Connected, Yet More Alone
Chances are you already seen this video (more than 20 million views!). If you want to learn more about this topic (and what designers can do to help people cope with these new challenges), you might want to check out Christophe's talk at MobX on Friday.

How do you design - a compendium of design processes

Discovering Sketch
There isn't one day at the studio were someone is cursing Photoshop. Don't get me wrong, it's a powerful software that does many things well, but for the work we do, we often reach its limits. Although not the panacea to all our workflow needs, Sketch is the new darling in our application folders. It's a very focused tool for UI designs, that comes without all the baggage that Photoshop brings along.

FXBlurView (github repository)

The worlds first console.logtro

"The Power of Networks"
An animated video of a talk by Manuel Lima.

Also, these two images were posted to INC...


We didn't just browse the internet and cooked pasta this week, but I save the project updates for the next weeknote. Or maybe Christophe will talk about it, since we have agreed on splitting the writing duties.

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