Weeknote 405

August 26th to September 1st

As always, Christophe and Michael did a great job to shield me from the daily issues while I was taking some time off traveling. I had no idea what was going on the studio, so it was interesting to read the last two weeknotes by Christophe. I guess I can better understand what it must feel like for somebody outside of precious to read these updates.

Coming back from Norway, the office felt pretty quiet. David left for vacation and Michael is taking care of his newborn and its mother. But the peaceful atmosphere was deceiving: my first day back at work started with a non-stop 9 hour project meeting. It felt like my brain was running an ultra-marathon. But we made it to the finish line, which means we came to some promising solutions at the end of the day.

Using metaphors from the world of sports to describe this project isn't without reason. There are a lot of parallels between such intense projects and professional sports. Since my passion for sports and physical activities experienced a revival in the last years, this notion is on my mind for quite some time. What can we as a design studio learn from peak performance in sport? What elements of training theory can we adapt to our company? Is there something like supercompensation for knowledge workers like us? How do we need to alternate phases of intense performance and recovery? Maybe that's all a bit far-fetched, but I think there's something to it.

As Christophe wrote before, these are exhilarating times for the two of us. With David and Michael gone, the "new" people were outnumbering us. We are seeing new patterns emerge and new relationships form. Our company culture is evolving, but so far I'm happy with the direction it is taking. I'm looking forward to get my ass of the comfy couch I'm sitting in, cycle to the studio and spend the next couple of hours with some bright people.

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