Weeknote 404

August 19th to August 23rd 2013

Let's start with the bestest news: say hello to a new precious family member! Michaels son was born last Sunday and everybody's well and very happy. What a joy, these little people.

This week was pretty productive. I think we made good progress with all our ongoing projects. Everybody had quite a lot on their table, so to help enable and keep the right dancey flow we listened to a new discovery made at my hairdresser: Disclosure – Settle.

David and I worked on pretty complex grid specifications. It's a comprehensive system consisting of many contexts, elements and rules, but I think we have found a distinct way to document it. Talking about it feels very clear and unambiguous – like orchestrated complexity.

David also worked on something else together with Arved. I was part of the project in the beginning and am now taking over again, but it was a very good feeling of being able to take a step back and knowing the work is in good hands, making good progress.

Sigrid was here two days this week and has been a very helping hand as always. She's becoming a real Photoshop wizard!

Arved started working on some illustrations for my MobX slide deck and they're going to be beautiful and hilarious. Speaking of MobX: the conference organizers have now published a schedule and I'm very honored to open the day with my talk (with the code "precious" you can still get 100€ off regular tickets).

Sthuthi is still exploring our visual language, now working on some pretty concrete material. The glimpses on her screen look very promising and I'm looking forward to our next review together with Johannes in a couple of days. She also started talking to Henne about it and he will take some ideas into his sandbox and play around with them (he catched a bad cold – get well soon! First signs of autumn?).

Some weeks ago, I came across this tweet:

I couldn't agree more, but what does it mean in practice? For sure, big organizations need to find incentives that value innovation and long-term initiatives, not just quarterly or yearly profit. Beyond getting a bonus for short-term gains, decision makers should be rewarded for kicking off rather bold projects aiming to create and sustain future business, not just secure past or present operations. Just as we should be increasingly deeper involved in forming product design processes in organizations, those are the questions designers should think about, but mainly contribute to more and more.

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