Weeknote 402 + 403

August 5th to August 18th 2013

UX Camp Hamburg @ precious design studio
Birgit Geiberger giving her Communicating in Style talk.

Today's Saturday and I'm sitting in our studio. Not for work though – we're co-hosting the UX Camp Hamburg which currently takes place at our neighbours. It's again a very nice experience to open doors for people beyond the company and create room for user experience conversation. I'm sitting at our lunch table, writing some emails and a weeknote, listening to interesting talks along the way. Unfortunately I was running late for lunch and did not get much of a very yummy vegan goulash.

Johannes handed over the weeknotes while he's traveling norwegian fjords, Michael launched our new website just before he left for his parental leave. However, I missed to write 402! Please bear with me, there's a lot going on at the moment and the fact that we're less people around at the moment doesn't really make it much easier ;-)

Times are exciting. We're working on great products with lovely people, and although some parts are exhausting sometimes, I'm happy. You know this feeling when there's a challenge that doesn't let you sleep for weeks, and you must solve it or at least make a significant step forward to be able to actually move on? And then, after hard work and many weeks of thinking and tinkering, it finally dissolves and many things become much clearer. Energy is coming back, and you're entering a much better flow again …

Most of my pleasure is driven by all these (new) people surrounding me every day now. As Johannes wrote in the last weeknote, several new faces joined the studio during the last couple of weeks. Quite special for me personally is the fact that Johannes and Michael – my long time partners – are gone at the moment and I'm here with a majority of new people. We benefit from this situation to learn about precious as long as we can have something like an outside perspective at the inside. For example we're reflecting and exploring our own visual language. What do we need to improve? What do we want to change? What should we keep, remove, add? How do we find the right balance of sticking to our visual DNA, yet adapting to new insights, ideas and circumstances? How do we establish some sort of continuity but still create enough room for reinventing ourselves in (ir)regular intervals? If you have thoughts here, please let us know!

Last weekend I took some time to work on my upcoming talk at MobX Conference in Berlin next month. The announcement on the conference website reads like this:

How to behave well in a multi-device world — As designers of digital products and services, we’re fascinated with cool gadgets and cutting-edge technology. We like to explore new possibilities and max out constraints. But it is also our responsibility to reflect on the consequences for our behavior and social interaction. Helping people to cope with more and more devices in their everyday life is one of the most interesting design challenges for the next couple of years.

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I had this abstract in mind for quite some time, because these types of discussions are always popping up when we do talks or workshops around multi-device design and related behavioral patterns. No matter if we speak to design students or CEOs, product managers or journalists.

I'm not going into projects today. There were just too many things running in parallel, and on top I always mix up our project code names. Just one thing: we have learned a lot during the last couple of weeks. And isn't this the best thing an ever curious designer can say about her or his work?

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