Weeknote 401

July 29th to August 4th 2013

There have been a couple of reasons for the lack of weeknotes in the last months.

At some point writing the weeknotes became a chore. Because we had a really busy time, I was happy not having to think about the company on a Saturday morning.

Of course that's exactly the situation which calls for a weeknote. It's a tool to shut down the autopilot for a couple of minutes and become aware about what you are doing.

I also had the impression I was repeating myself too often. I got bored writing those notes and assumed that everybody reading them must feel the same. It was encouraging to hear that some people not just recognized the void, but actually missed our minutes and musings.

Posting the weeknotes on a website that nobody of us liked any more didn't help the cause either. This could be easily fixed though. We just got rid of the old one and start anew with a blank slate.

This new website is a process. It will evolve and grow – and maybe shrink again. It might happen fast and drastically. Or there will be subtle changes you will hardly recognize. We don't know yet. There is no master plan.

So, here's week 401.

Yesterday I arrived early at the studio. Michael was already there. Then Christophe arrived. A few minutes later the door opened again. And again. And again. When I looked around, eight people were sitting on their computers. A brief burst of uneasiness came over me, quickly replaced by a feeling of excitement. It was then that I fully grasped for the first time that precious is now something else. That we've entered yet another era in the history of our company.

Within a couple of weeks, four new people joined our team, doubling the headcount. Sigrid helps us once a week updating our asset database and specifying documents. Henryk started a month ago as a designer who uses code instead of photoshop, Arved followed two weeks later as an design intern and Sthuthi, our latest hire, has been with us just a couple of days, but already proofing to be an interesting addition to the team. Because of Sthuthi, who originates from India and came to Hamburg via London, we switched to English for most all-hands meetings and lunch-break chats. It'll be interesting to so how that is influencing our communication (will there be less? will it be less precise? or will it turn out to be more focused, because we concentrate more on what we actually want to get across instead of being carried away talking).

Part of the "onboarding" process was a little demo session we did on Thursday. We presented all the current projects. Christophe gave a glimpse of the several hundreds iterations we did on just one screen for *[Puichon:pui], which we have been working on now for a whole year. We also showed the current status of two (related) projects we started two months ago, that we have to find a code name for. They live on small screens and are all about content.

Writing the first weeknote after the break felt really good. I hope to keep it going. But for the next three weeks, Christophe has to take over.

Nach Diktat verreist.

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