Weeknote 385

April 8th to 14th

A very eventful week it was.

Svenja started as our first ever studio manager and she got more stuff done in her first few days than we did in half a year. Unfortunately her stint will be just two months, because she has got another summer job. We already miss her.

On Tuesday we hosted our first public event at the studio. Todd Zaki Warfel talked about prototyping and ideation techniques. We had some concerns to open our precious space to 50 people, some of who we never seen before, but everything went just fine. We've had a great evening, I hope our guests felt the same.

The next day Todd trained our team and some friends in the Design Studio Methodology. We applied the process to generate and refine ideas for a fictitious product and learned how to moderate such sessions with clients.

These are just the facts. A lot more could be said, but not today.

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  • Erik

    Hey, the evening with Todd was instructive as well as delightful. Thank you very much! Allbest Erik